Application Time Line

Application Time Line

The application process: What to expect

The following outlines the requirements of each phase of the application process for our license applicants.

Phase I

  • Complete the License Application. (Email Us at
  • Provide finished product sample for review. Sample will be used to test the quality of your production process. Sample must be an example of what you plan to sell.
  • Mail in Licensee Application, with fee and your Slidzky sample to: Slidzky, LLC.

Phase II

  • Obtain insurance and provide Slidzky LLC with a copy of the certificate of insurance and additional insured endorsement.
  • If manufacturer is making Custom Slidzkys, they must provide Slidzky LLC with a copy of the certificate, proving manufacturer has such right to use college or other business logos and colors.
  • Fully disclose factory site locations for vendor/suppliers, including your own business location, to Slidzky LLC.

Phase III

  • Review and sign Slidzkys special agreement regarding labor codes of conduct.
  • Review and sign the license agreement.
  • Pay first months licensing fee.

Phase IV

  • Once approved, manufacturer will receive a copy of our Production Manual.
  • Manufacturer will be added to our website as a place to buy their products.
  • Manufacturer will receive:
  • A copy of the signed contract
  • Access to our logo brand as well as videos and 0ur Slidzky pictures.