Official Rules and Direction

Official Slidzky Rules and Directions

Setting up the game.

The game is composed of two three-section target panels and two sets of three scoring bags.

  • Place the opposing target panels approximately 25 feet apart.
  • Separate the three nested sections of each target panel.
  • To assemble each target panel, first pull out the two legs on the smallest target panel section and place it on the ground.
  • Place the remaining two target panel sections on the ground, top side up.
  • Put two pegs into the holes on top of each of the two smallest target panel sections.
  • Place the top edge of the middle section of the target panel onto the pegs of the smallest section.
  • Place the top end of the largest section onto the pegs of the middle section.

Breaking down and storing each target panel.

NOTE: If the bags or the board are wet, be sure to let them air dry before you store the game.

  • Remove the largest section from the rest of the game and place it upside down on the ground.
  • Remove the pegs from the middle section and set them aside.
  • Remove the middle section and place it upside down, nesting it inside the largest section.
  • Remove the two pegs from the smallest section.
  • Place all four pegs and three bean bags in the middle section of the target panel.
  • Fold the legs into the smallest section.
  • Place the smallest section inside the middle section, top side up.

Game Rules

  • The game may be played by two opposing players (singles) or by opposing teams.
  • Singles players position themselves beside their respective opposing target panels, player throws from the side directly across from their starting side.
  • When the game is played with teams (usually teams of two), teammates position themselves directly across from each other, one beside each opposing target panel.
  • Players must throw from beside, being careful not to “foul” by stepping past the game-side front of the panel when tossing their bags.
  • The player/team that did not choose their starting position throws first.
  • Opposing players alternate tosses.
  • Scoring points are determined after each player tosses all three bags.
  • A bag landing on the largest section of the target panel scores one (1) point.
  • A bag landing on the middle section of the target panel scores two (2) points.
  • A bag landing on the smallest section scores three (3) points.
  • After each singles player or team counts all of their scored points, the player/team with the most points wins that series of tosses and adds the difference to their accumulating point total. For example, if Player/Team-1 gets 7 points and Player/Team-2 gets 3 points, then Player/Team-1 adds 4 points to their accumulating total.
  • The team that received the most recent points goes first on the next series of tosses.
  • The winning team must get exactly 21 points. If a player/team scores more than 21 points, then that player/team’s score goes back to 15 points.
  • The player/team that exceeds 21 points throws first on the next series of tosses.
  • A player/team is “skunked” when their score is zero (0) against their opponent’s thirteen (13) points.
  • Players are to switch sides between games, as the flight of the bags is affected by the wind.

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