Our Services

As a full-service licensing company, Slidzky provides its partner institutions industry-leading services and resources in brand protection, brand management, and brand development. These same services also help licensees and retailers improve speed-to-market and sell-through Slidzky sales as well as protect the investment companies make in supporting the licensed segment of the retail marketplace.

Brand Protection

Slidzky, llc experience in protecting the trademarks of our products. Slidzky llc. remains dedicated to protecting.

Brand Management

The foundation of effective licensing program management is a structural base of services to support our partnerships.

Brand Development

It takes time, expertise, relationships, and influence to effectively market new brands in the competitive retail market.

Official Slidzky Rules

  • The game may be played by two opposing players (singles) or by opposing teams.
  • Singles players position themselves beside their respective opposing target panels, player throws from the side directly across from their starting side.
  • When the game is played with teams (usually teams of two), teammates position themselves directly across from each other, one beside each opposing target panel.
  • Players must throw from beside, being careful not to “foul” by stepping past the game-side front of the panel when tossing their bags.
  • The player/team that did not choose their starting position throws first.
  • Opposing players alternate tosses.
  • The team that received the most recent points goes first on the next series of tosses.

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