Insurance Requirements

Insurance Requirements


All Slidzky LLC licensees are required to obtain a minimum of $1 million in general product liability insurance. Insurance is required to help protect the licensee, and our Slidzky brand.


Please do not purchase insurance until you are notified by Slidzky LLC that your product and/or application has been approved. The Insurance Form will be provided early in the process to acquaint you with the insurance requirements that you will need to meet in Phase II of the application process.

Finding a Provider

The vast majority of licensed manufacturers partner with their existing business or personal insurance provider to satisfy Slidzkys insurance requirements. If this is not an option for you, we recommend that you research insurance providers within your state by searching for an insurance agent in your neighborhood. It is important that you select a provider that is licensed in your state as insurance laws vary widely from state to state.

Overview – Slidzky LLC Business Relationship with the Insures

Slidzky LLC grants a license to manufacturers to produce and distribute merchandise incorporating the trademarks of Slidzky upon approval. Each manufacturer requesting a license must obtain general insurance coverage, including product liability, and maintain coverage during the term of the License Agreement. Slidzky recommends that the required coverage be obtained for a term of one year.